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If still alive. Older

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Q: What Zac Efron will look like in 50 years time?
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Does Zac Efron like Katie Wilson?

no way not in this life time i don't get why u think he is so cool ZAC EFRON IS IS IS...HE LOVES HIS SELF so if u like zac efron i don't like u then

Is Zac Efron 24?

He is 224.5 years old. Zac Efron was part of the time-warp experiment done in the late 19th century.

What does Zac Efron like to do in his spare time?

piay games

Who deos Zac Efron like?

Don't waste your time wondering the personal life of someone else.

Did Zac Efron come to Trinidad?

No The closest he has come are two vacations in the Turks and Caicos islands, first time a couple of years ago and second time New Years 2010-2011.

Where do you go to see what you look like in ten years?

There is a phone app that you can go to see what you look like in ten years time. The app is called Age My Face and it is compatible with Windows phones.

What name is Zac Efron's website?

Zac Efron's web-site is www.zefron.comThis is a fan site, the oldest and best; Efron is aware of it and has assisted it from time to time, but he does not own or sponsor this or any other website.

When you have aged 80 years does a 100 years still seem like a long time?

No. It won't be. Because the person has already seen four 20 years. Another 20 may not look like a long time at that age.

Does Zac Efron like you?

You is a relative term. Whom are you reffering to? You shouldn't waste your time thikning about someone else's personal business.

Was Zac Efron in big time concert?


Are Zac Efron and his manager friends?

Efron's long-time manager is Jason Barrett. They are also partners in Efron's new production company, "Ninjas Runnin' Wild" (2010) at Warner Brothers studio.

What time does Zac Efron wake up?

at 6:30