What UHDE stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Uhde is not an acronym. It is a German last name.

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Q: What UHDE stand for?
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When did Wilhelm Uhde die?

Wilhelm Uhde died in 1947.

When was Wilhelm Uhde born?

Wilhelm Uhde was born in 1874.

When did Hermann Uhde die?

Hermann Uhde died in 1965.

When was Hermann Uhde born?

Hermann Uhde was born in 1914.

When did Johann Otto Uhde die?

Johann Otto Uhde died in 1766.

When was Fritz von Uhde born?

Fritz von Uhde was born in 1848.

When did Fritz von Uhde die?

Fritz von Uhde died in 1911.

When was Milan Uhde born?

Milan Uhde was born on July 28, 1936, in Brno, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic].

What has the author Bernd Uhde written?

Bernd Uhde has written: 'Ansichten, Aufsichten' -- subject(s): Aerial photography, Landscape photography

Who was Sonia Delaunay's first husband?

William Uhde

Who was sonia delaunay's husband?

William Uhde and Robert Delaunay

Who is was Sonia Delaunay's husband?

She was married for a short time to gallerist Wilhelm Uhde, but they divorced and for most of her life she was married to the famous French painter Robert Delaunay.