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A boy falls in love with this girl who later leaves breaking his heart before he can see her again and marring a man from Edinburgh.

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Q: What Silver by George Mackay Brown is about?
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When was George Mackay Brown born?

George Mackay Brown was born on October 17, 1921.

What is George Mackay Brown's birthday?

George Mackay Brown was born on October 17, 1921.

When did George Mackay Brown die?

George Mackay Brown died on April 13, 1996, in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, UK.

How old is George Mackay Brown?

George Mackay Brown was 74 years old when he died on April 13, 1996 (birthdate: October 17, 1921).

Who wrote poem George Mackenzie?

Scottish poet George Mackay Brown wrote the poem titled "George Mackenzie." Brown was known for his work depicting Orkney life and landscapes.

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