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Neji and Hinata do not fight in Shippuden. Shippuden is the second part of Naruto after a 3 year time jump. I think it's episode 46-47 of Naruto (without the Shippuden). Since the time jump they have been getting along a lot better and it's been revealed that they fight together now as "comrades" according to Hinata's father, Hiashi. Also, there are hints of an unrequited affection from Neji towards Hinata. Hinata, of course, still love Naruto. However, it's clear to see that Neji is no longer harboring hatred for Hinata. Therefore, NO MORE FIGHTS! They do train together though.

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Q: What Shippuden episode does Neji and Hinata fight?
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In which episodes does Hinata fight Neji?

they fight episode 46 - 47

Does Hinata and Neji die in Shippuden?


Does Neji kisses Hinata?

Yes, there were many hints, especially in the recent episodes of Naruto. Watch episode 306.

Which episode is Neji and Hinata with on?

ep 30

What episode are naruto and sai in hospital?

And Sakura slaps them? xD That's actually Shippuden Movie 3. ^_^

Is Neji in Naruto Shippuden?

well neji could be considered her brother kind of. Neji IS Hinata's half brother due to both of there Fathers are IDENTICAl twins.For proof search Neji's History on Wikipedia. But technically he is considered hinata's cousin.

What episode does Neji die?

No, Neji is dead, i just dont know what episode

Has Hinata ever hug Neji?

Sakura and Gaara never hugged or kissed in Naruto. Naruto is a manga series that debuted in 1997 and is an ongoing series.

What is the episode when Naruto says to Hinata I like people like you?

Its the one where he's going to the final Chunin exams to fight Neji.

How do you get awakened Hinata?

in NUN2 get hinata to fight Neji; make her win; go to hinata's father {he is on the outskirts of the stadium}== tell him how the fight went and Wola you have Awakened Hinata

What epispde on naruto did they birng byakugan back?

If you're referring to the episode in which Neji is chosen to bring back Hinata from the Cloud shinobi, that is episode 192 in Naruto Shippuden. But if you're talking about the episode where Hiashi tells Neji the truth about his father in which Hiashi himself catches a Cloud shinobi and has to kill that ninja, that is episode 63.

Will naruto acknowledge Hinata?

yes he does in the chunnin exam3 with the fight of hinata and neji then naruto realizes her