What is AME CEE?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AME CEE is the national level common entrance exam for admission in numerous engineering programs in the aviation sector i.e. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), Aeronautical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. We offer up to 100% scholarship to meritorious students for motivating and encouraging them towards an aviation career.

Are you fascinated by aircraft? Dreaming to be part of a career in the aviation sector? One of the courses in the aviation sector is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). It is lesser-heard course in the aviation sector so its demand is very high. The work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course as its name suggest it is related to the maintenance of the aircraft. Fixing and maintaining the aircraft plays a vital role in aviation. The business of aircraft is expanding drastically are expanding globally. It is one of the best engineering course who is having a technical mind, don’t desire to go for traditional engineering.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Scope

AME is an international-licensed based program through that AME are eligible to work in the private and government sector worldwide. These engineers are specially trained for the maintenance, repair, and troubleshoot of the issues faced in the aircraft. India has shown tremendous growth in the aviation sector. The air traffic has been increased which leads to the order of new aircraft and new airlines start investing in the Indian aviation sector. This growth makes India talk of the town in that offers youth a shining career in aviation.

AME CEE Registration Last Date 31st March, 2021

AME CEE is the national level common entrance examination for admission in one of the premier Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering colleges/institutes in India. Students should apply for AME CEE 2021 to get up to 100% scholarship. The registration fees to apply for the examination is Rs. 700/- for General/OBC Male and Rs. 600/- for Female/ SC-ST Male.

For more details call now +91-8377006001, 8377006002

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I am 12th pass. Can I apply for this entrance exam?

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Q: What is AME CEE?
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What can I do after 12th to become an aeronautical engineer?

In order to enrol in the Aeronautical Engineering course after finishing their 12th PCM, students must be familiar with the course curriculum, eligibility requirements, employment options, and admissions process. It's important for students to have a distinct idea of who they want to become. Aeronautical engineering is the area of engineering that is distinct from ordinary engineering. This course covers the complete process of making aeroplanes, including designing, planning, manufacturing, operating, quality managing, manufacturing, etc. To get admission after 12th one must fulfil the Conditions for which the applicant must first carefully analyse the prerequisites and decide whether they have been satisfied. The candidate must complete the online AME CEE registration form by submitting the required documents and information. Obtain test eligibility, whether applying online or in person, a candidate must appear for the exam on the day noted on their AME CEE admit card. Scholarships and admission will be given in accordance with the candidate's AME CEE All India Rank (AIR).Confirm Admission, Candidates who pass the entrance exam should appear and book a spot in the AME CEE admission counselling session. To be eligible for the grant, applicants must secure their seats through AME CEE admission counselling. Report to the Campus, applicants must bring all essential documents to the campus after securing a spot in the AME CEE admissions counselling. A photo, an Aadhaar card, a transcript from grades 10 and 12, etc., must be included in the paperwork. After the documents have been checked, the candidate will be informed of the following stages.

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