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No, just don't son. Just don't.

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Q: Were john cena and the rock ever a tag team?
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Will john cena and Randy Orton ever be tag team champs?

Randy Orton and john cena are enemy's so they will never team up

What would be a good name for the team of John Cena and The Rock?

rock cena/can you smell what the champ is cooking /people champ Smackdown hotel cenation/Jabroni thuganomics/the peoples team

The rock an john cena vs the miz an r truth tag team?


Was the Rock on john Cena's team at survivor series?

Yes they were but they will never do it again. Do you not have access to the internet?

Has there been a match between john cena and rock?

not yet. Cena and Rock are scheduled to tag team at survivor series 2011 and have a one-on-one match at wrestlemania 2012

What team is John Cena in?

he is not in no team

What team was John cena in?

John Cena doesn't want to be on nexus but he is.

Will the WWE ever defeat nexus?

If the team of John Cena starts to work together, yes.

Will Shawn and john cena ever team up?

noo way!! u cant trust the heartbreak kid

Where John Cena and Triple H ever a tag team?

Yes....they were forced too by the raw general manager

How many they have win champion?

hornswoggle win wwe tag team champion with john cena because john cena will move in to dx then john cena and hornswoggle and dx will be in a team but sx will world tag team champion

Who are in the team cena and authority?

John cena team John cena ryback big show sheamus Dolph ziggler authority team Seth rollings mark henry Kane rusev casero