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John Morrison John Cena big show alex riley etc

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Q: Who was the Miz tag team partners?
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Who is cenas permanet tag team partner?

John Cena does not have a tag team partner because he is a singles wrestler. Cena has never been a tag team wrestler in his career. though he has won the WWE Tag Titles multiple times with partners like Shawn Micheals, Miz etc, he has never been a tag team guy. He has been a singles wrestler and has had a lot of success individually.

The rock an john cena vs the miz an r truth tag team?


How did showmiz split WWE?

The Big Show and the Miz were a successful tag team with the name "ShoMiz" and were even the WWE Tag Team champions. During the 2010 WWE Draft on the April 26 episode of Raw, ShoMiz lost the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship to The Hart Dynasty when Tyson Kidd made The Miz submit to the Sharpshooter. After the match, The Big Show knocked out The Miz, and was later drafted to the SmackDown brand, leaving The Miz on Raw. After this, the team ShoMiz just split.

Is the miz and john Morrison brothers?

No. The Miz and John Morrison are not brothers. Neither in the WWE characterizations or in real life. They were both professional wrestlers who were a very successful tag team. They even held the WWE tag team title together

Which tag team would you pick to face dx in path of champions?

Miz and john morison

We're Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy tag team partners before?

They've been in Tag Team Matches together, But I'm sure not partners over a period of time.

Will Matt and Jeff Hardy ever be tag team partners again?

Yes Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Are Tag Team Partners Again And They Will Not Be Broken Apart Ever Again.(Maybe).

Who wins out of the hart dynasty or the miz and Jericho?

The Hart Dynasty Still Unified Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith Get The Pinfall By Running Powerslam to The Miz

Does Cena like miz?

Noo He was just forced to team up with him and win the tag team champs but he seemed quite happy though...

Who is the miz in WWE?

The Miz's real name is Mike Mizanin. He is 31 years old as of October 8th 1980. He used to tag team with his former friend R-Truth.

Has the Miz been banned?

no he still teams with jhon Morrison and they are the wwe tag team champions He is NOT with John Morrison any longer nor is he a tag team champ... The Miz was banned after his loss on Raw with John Cena, from Raw, as well as Summerslam... as far as officially being banned, I am not sure...

Is the miz and r-truth going to get a tag taeam championship match at night of champions?

No. Miz and R Truth lost the tag team title match at Night of champions pay per view 2011. Miz hit the referee and his team was disqualified. On the next Monday night raw, Miz and R Truth were fired by the COO Triple H for interfering in his match with CM Punk during the pay per view event.