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Yes, in 1998. it was called "Forever Love"starring Reba McEntire

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Q: Was there a movie made about Annie Shapiro waking from a 30 year coma?
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Can you have seizures after waking up from a coma?

yes a coma can effect your body physically and emotionally

On Samantha Who what are Sam's first words after waking from a coma?

Who Are You?

What are some of the syomtoms for recovering after a day and a half coma?

Waking up in a hospital.

Can people hear you if they are in a coma?

it doesn't normally happen but their have been cases of people waking up and have reported hearing loved ones while in a coma state.

Can waking from a coma cause your heart to fail?

i dount know i have all Fs on my report card sya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When patients move during coma is it a good sign that they are waking up?

Possibly, but some movements are just involuntary reactions to stimulus

Does a coma patient have brain activity?

Since a coma is just going to sleep and never waking up, a coma shouldn't cause brain damage. It is just that the brain is in a permanent mode of sleep in which the victim cannot be aroused.

In witch movie the actor was in coma 20 years?


Where was the movie Coma filmed?

Belvue new York city

Can someone please explain the ending of the book Entangled by Cat Clarke?

practically it ends with her half waking up in a coma in hospital with all of the story of her being trapped and kidnapped being a dream because when she went to the park she did actually stab herself and as a result has gone in to coma and ended up thinking about her life before her "kidnapping" whilst in that coma.

What movie was about a woman going out of coma after end of cold war?

Goodbye Lenin

What was a movie on lifetime about a teen basketball player who has an accident on the court and goes into a coma?

It could have been 6 Man, if the guy who falls into the coma dies then it was probably 6 Man.