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yes the match between cena and rock was 100% fixed

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Q: Was the rock vs john cena match fixed?
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Who won between the rock and john cena at wrestlemania 28?

The Rock won the match.

Are john cena and the rock going to have a match?

i doubt it

Who won the WWE wresiling match john cena or the rock?

the rock

Was there match fixing in john cena vs rock?


Who won the match with john cena vs the miz vs the rock?

The Miz & The Rock wasn't a part of the match

Who will win at WrestleMania 27 between The Miz and John Cena?

The Miz and John Cena do not have a match at Wrestlemania 2012. In the wrestlemania pay per view in 2012, John Cena will face The Rock. As of now, Miz does not have a match at the wrestlemania pay per view event. As for the match between rock and cena, we cant predict who will win

Who won the match between John Cena and The Miz at WrestleMania 27?

First no one lost due to a double count-out. Then The Rock (who was the host of WrestleMania 27) came in and said they'll restart the match to get a winner. John Cena had control of the match, but then The Rock used Rock Bottom (one of his finishers) on Cena, and The Miz pinned him.

Who won the match between john cena and rock?

well the rock won by tap out by john cena but i still love john winning or lossing cenation fa life

Has there been a match between john cena and rock?

not yet. Cena and Rock are scheduled to tag team at survivor series 2011 and have a one-on-one match at wrestlemania 2012

Who won between the rock and John Cena at wrestle mania 28?

Rock and Cena didn't face off at WrestleMania 27. The Mizand John Cena faced off for the wwe championship and miz won (with rock's help).

Will john cena win in WrestleMania 28?

No the rock will win when Cena tries to do the Peoples Elbow rock performs his finisher and wins the match

Who won in match between rock and john cena of wrestlemania 27?

No one