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No, MJ didn't fly of the stage, he is replaced by a stuntman at the last moment.

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2010-05-03 09:05:57
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Q: Was that Michael Jackson flying off stage?
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When and where did Michael Jackson fall off the stage?

He once fell off the stage during the rehearsal for one of the Dangerous concerts, he danced too close to the edge just as the lights were going down.

Did Michael Jackson break any bones?

He broke his leg when he fell off a stage and he broke his nose when he fell during a dance rehearsal.

Did Michael Jackson do a tour for Off the Wall?


What were the albums Michael Jackson produced after he left the Jackson five?

Michael Jackson 's albums after Jackson five were:-Off the WallThrillerBadDangerousHistoryBlood On The Dance FloorInvincible

What actors and actresses appeared in Michael Jackson and the Boy He Paid Off - 2004?

The cast of Michael Jackson and the Boy He Paid Off - 2004 includes: Michael Jackson as himself David Morrissey as Himself - Narrator

Did Michael Jackson fall off of a stage and hurt himself?

He fell over on stage in 1979 and broke his nose, he fell off stage during the rehearsal for his Dangerous tour, he danced too close to the edge when just as the lights went down, if he hurt himself or not from that incident is unknown.

Off the wall was on what Michael Jackson CD?

Off the Wall cd.

What was Michael Jackson's favorite album of his?

Off the wall

Why did randy Jackson push Michael Jackson during the 30th anniversary performance?

This was a staged moment by Michael & Randy. It wasnt real. Michael often does things like this. For example, Slash not getting off stage and MJ trying to get him off, MJ & Slash did this routine several times at other shows. Michael & Randy did this same routine on the Sept 7 & 10 2001 shows of 30th Anniversary.

Did Michael Jackson like taking off his shirt?

Michael Jackson hated taking off his shirt cause he felt like hiding his body underneath his shirt

When did Michael Jackson publish Off the wall?

Off the Wall was published in 1979.

Who was Quincy Jones to Michael Jackson?

he was producer of the Thriller, Bad and Off The Wall albums. he was also a personal friend of Michael Jackson.

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