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no they are not

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Q: Are sonic's shoes based off of Michael Jackson's shoes?
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Was ununpentium used for Michael Jacksons shoes?

Ununpentium is obtained only in quantities of few atoms; uup has no uses. Of course uup don't exist in any shoes.

Do sonics feet stink?

Yes, they smell very bad from being trapped in those shoes.

Have shoes like Sonic the Hedgehog's ever been made?

I'm sorry but i don't think there is any shoes that look EXACTLY like sonics shoes, but there might be shoes that look similar.

Which sell more Kobe shoes or Michael Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan Shoes.

What retail stores offer Michael Kors shoes?

Michael Kors is the retail store. There are outlets by the same name where Michael Kors shoes are offered.

Do authentic sneakers in memory of Michael Jackson exist?

There are some Michael Jackson shoes on ebay. Search for Michael Jackson shoes (some are sneakers).

Are supra shoes Michael Jordan shoes?

Michael Jordan is not the creator or founder of the supra shoes. The supra shoes were founded in 2005 by Angel Cabada. Stars, such as Lil Wayne and Jay Z have sported these popular shoes.

What were Michael Jackson's shoes made of?

Michael Jackson wore loafers

How much shoes did Michael j make and how much did he make on his shoes?


What are Michael Jackson's lean shoes called?

They are called anti-gravity shoes.

When were Kobe Bryant shoes invented?

Michael jordan shoes was invented in 1986

Where to get mj shoes Michael Jackson?

Usually any dress shoes work, but if you want some you can check a Michael Jackson shop, they are everywhere!