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he had a special stop on stage that held on to his shoes and then he just leaned over.

Actually it is an insert in the shoes that Michael Jackson had a patent on allowing him the lean past the point where the body would normally fall over due to the body's center of gravity

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Q: How does Michael Jackson do the smooth criminal lean?
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What song does Michael Jackson do the lean?

Smooth Criminal

What are 2 complicated dance techniques did Michael Jackson popularize?

The moonwalk and the Smooth Criminal Lean

How do you do the 45 degree lean like Michael Jackson?

You need the special shoes that MJ had made so he could do the lean in Smooth Criminal.

What is the patent number for Michael Jackson moonwalk?

The moonwalk is not patented, the shoes that were made for the Smooth Criminal lean is the one that has a patent.

Did Michael Jackson lean?

To do the Michael Jackson lean you must have special shoes that connect to the stage and ankle braces so you don't break your ankles while doing the lean. In moonwalker he used wires. The shoes necessary to do the famous "anti-gravity lean" are patented.

How do you do the smooth criminal lean?

You cant do the lean!!!!! Michael Jackson could because he was just good like that!!! He patented a special device that goes with special shoes. The patent expired in October, 2005

Is Michael Jackson an inventor?

Sort of, he came up with the idea for the special shoe that allowed him to do the Smooth Criminal anti gravity lean without falling over.

Did Michael Jackson use rope in the smooth criminal video?

Yes in the video a group of bungee like ropes were used so he could do the lean.

What impress you about Michael Jackson?

The moonwalk, the lean, Thriller, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Man In The Mirror, You Are Not Alone, Speechless, his concerts, and MANY other things!

Is Michael Jackson's anti gravity fake?

Yes, Michael Jackson's anti-gravity lean, as seen in his performance of "Smooth Criminal," was achieved through a special shoe attachment and not genuine anti-gravity technology. The illusion was created by using a patented "lean shoes" design that allowed him to achieve the gravity-defying lean during live performances.

Is there a way to do the smooth criminal lean without any special effects or shoe clips or harnesses?

no... sorry Buy the shoes they might help Go on eBay they are $20.00 great Item number: 110432656613

Would Michael Jackson doing the lean be inertia?

No. Michael Jackson performed the lean using special shoes that him and his team patented.