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Nope, it was totally fake.

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Q: Was terrence and Roxy kiss real?
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Are Roxy and terrence together?


What is Terrence J real name?

Terrence Heathy Jenkins! :)

What is the real code to get Roxy?

The code for Roxy is HOBBIDIDIDANCE

Who sings kiss n tell?

Bryan Ferry and Roxy

What is Roxy's real name?

Roxy Reynolds's birth name is Schanell Sanders.

What is Roxy's real name on Hannah Montana?

The actor who plays Roxy is named Frances Callier.

What actors and actresses appeared in Anatomy of a Kiss - 2007?

The cast of Anatomy of a Kiss - 2007 includes: Tracy Wiu as Shima Terrence Yip as Nikko

What is Roxy Hunter's real name?

Aria Wallace

What are Rocsi and Terrence's real names?

The longest-serving hosts of BET's series "106th and Park" (2000-2014) were Raquel Roxanne "Rocsi" Diaz and Terrence Jenkins ("Terrence J").

What is T-streets real name?

Terrence C. Smith

Is KISS the band real?

Yes, KISS is a real band.

What is the real name of the bodyguard on Hannah Montana?

Roxy's real name is Frances Callier.