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Yes he killed his girlfriend

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Q: Was osborne sheppard convicted of murder?
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Who killed Dr Sam Sheppards wife?

Dr. Sam Sheppard was convicted of the murder of his wife, Marilyn Sheppard, in 1954. However, the case was highly controversial, and many believe that the true killer remains unknown. Dr. Sheppard's conviction was later overturned, and he was acquitted in a retrial in 1966.

How do you expunge a capital murder record i was convicted of capital murder?

It's impossible for convicted capital murder to have that record expunged.

What has the author Sam Sheppard written?

Sam Sheppard has written: 'Endure and conquer' -- subject(s): Trials, litigation, Trials (Murder)

What are the release dates for Convicted for Murder - 1913?

Convicted for Murder - 1913 was released on: USA: 12 June 1913

What was John Brown convicted of and what was his sentence?

Convicted of murder and his sentence was by hanging.

How do you spell sheparded?

"Shepherd," if you mean one who herds sheep. "Sheppard," if you mean the U.S. Air Force base, or the U.S. doctor convicted, and later acquitted, of murder. "Shepard," if you mean the U.S. astronaut, or the U.S. playwright.

Is the fugitive based on a true story?

The answer has long been in dispute. The belief remains that the series was based on the tragic case of Dr. Sam Sheppard, accused of killing his wife in 1954. However, series creator, Roy Huggins, has denied that the show was based on Sheppard. Yes. was an American osteopathic physician[2]and neurosurgeon, who was involved in an infamous and controversial murder trial. He was convicted of the murder of his pregnant wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard. Sheppard served almost a decade in the Ohio Penitentiary before his 1954 conviction was overturned. In 1966, he was acquitted in a new trial. In 2000, Sheppard's son Sam Reese Sheppard, who had been seven years old at the time of his mother's murder, sued the State of Ohio for his father's alleged wrongful imprisonment. After a 10-week-long trial, a civil jury unanimously ruled against him.

What actors and actresses appeared in Convicted for Murder - 1913?

The cast of Convicted for Murder - 1913 includes: Edward Coxen George Field Lizette Thorne

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A vicious man was convicted for murder and was put in prison.

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