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She probably got used to seeing herself in the make-up after a while.

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Q: Was linda Blair scared of her face in exorcist?
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What does Linda Blair look like?

If you saw THE EXORCIST, you will be able to see that Linda Blair has light brown wavy hair with dark brown or green eyes. Sh s pale, with a round face shape. And she is super adorable!

Is the scary maze person a real person?

The face at the end of the scary maze game belongs to the actress Linda Blair, in her performance as the possessed Regan in the 1973 film "the Exorcist". Blair was only 14 years old at the time and was Oscar nominated for her performance.

Who is face is it that appears on Scary Maze Games or Flash Screamers?

Linda Blaire (The Exorcist)

Who played pazuzu in The Exorcist?

The voice of the demon in the movie is actually not Linda Blairs voice, it is the voice of Mercedes McCambridge. You can also see brief flashes of an image of the 'face' of the demon wich is the face of Eileen Dietz.

What is a scary maze?

The "Scary Maze" is a computer game where you need to guide your mouse without having it touch the walls of the maze. When level 3 is reached, if you touch your mouse to the side, or reach the end, the face of Linda Blair from the Exorcist movie will flash onto the screen screaming. Another form of a "scary maze" is simply a haunted house in the form of a maze (that you need to walk through).

What is the scariest face?

The possessed girl on the classical version of the Exorcist.

Who is the scary face of the scary maze game?

the girl in the movie exorcist

What has the author Vilroy Papin Blair written?

Vilroy Papin Blair has written: 'Cancer of the face and mouth'

What would cause face numbness drooling and started from a cold sore?

I recommend you see an exorcist.

There is a lot of horror movies in your house and you really never liked them yes or no?

yes. there is alot of horror movies in my house to watch. here are some of them. child's play, a nightmare on elm street, paranormal activity, Friday the 13th, the Texas chainsaw masscare, Halloween, jigsaw, night of the living dead, evil dead, hellraiser, candyman, maniac cop, scream, the exorcist, pennywise, the killer clowns fron outer space, aliens, mirrors, the uninvited, leprechaun, Hannibal. my opinion is that the exorcist is the scariest movie for me. becareful if you put the exorcist in youtube or any website don't be scared because the exorcist is a girl that her face is so creepy its only for your own good.

Why does your face get pale when im scared?

your face goes pale when you are scared because the blood goes to the mussels that need it to get ready to run away because you dont need you face to run away

Why is scary maze scary?

Because a scary face pops-up at the end of level 3 it's called the Exorcist