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The woman in scary maze game is from a movie called the Exorcist. The movie was from the 80s or 90s. My mom thought that movie was the scariest movie she ever saw. When you complete the game you will see her face and hear a loud scream.If you are under 10 you might be a little scared and cry.

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Q: Who is the woman in the scary maze game?
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What are some scary maze games for the iPod Touch?

The three best scary maze games released for the iPod Touch are (in no specific order) Scary Maze Game Free, The Scary Maze Game, and Scary Maze Game (Prank)

Is there a scary maze game 12?

yes there is a scary maze game 12.

How do you play scary maze game?

I did play scary maze game on

What is scary maze game?

Scary maze game is the very crapping game. i see it on

Can you play the scary maze game without the face?

No. The scary maze game is specifically made for the face to pop up. That is why it's called the "Scary" maze game.

What do you do to play the scary maze?

The Scary Maze Game is a scary maze. It is scary only on level three if you pass the skinny part. To play this game go to Google and type scary maze game. You should be playing this maze with a adult if you are scared.

What is the scariest maze game?

i think it is scary maze game

What website is the scary maze game?

its a game that will appear a scary ghost face when you complete the game.

Who made scary maze?

the scary maze game was made by Jeremy Winterrowed in 2004.

Why is the scary maze game considered scary?

It is considered scary because on one of the levels when you finish a maze a scary face pops out and scares you

Is there other games like scary maze game?

sorry there is no scary maze game 2 hope there was.

Who plays scary face of scary maze game?

The Excorcist