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Q: Was lil Wayne one of the first rappers?
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Is lil Wayne good or evil?

Lil Wayne is both good and evil but he is one of the three best rappers alive.

Who is richer lil Wayne or p diddy?

actually lil wayne is not richer than p diddy but he is one of the richest rappers in the game todat

Who are some rappers that have dissed Lil Wayne?

It is part of rap music that one rapper will diss another. Some rappers that have dissed Lil Wayne include Pitbull, Fabolous, Donny Goines, Jay-Z and Nas.

How much is Lil Wayne network worth?

Lil' Wayne is one of the richest rappers in the world. He is currently worth a net value of over $150 million.

What is Lil Wayne's salary?

Lil Wayne is one of the most prestigious rappers -$600,000,000/year 2008,(idk who put this so i wont delete it) Lil Wayne - $13 million/in 2008 according to forbes hip-hop cash kings article

Is lil wayne better than eminem lyrically?

First of all No! And also its Lil Uzi Vert get it right periodtt!!

What is lil chuckee to Lil Wayne?

Lil' Chuckee is like a little brother to Lil' Wayne..they have NO blood relationship that we know of .

Which one said goun to a goblin first Lil Wayne or plies?

WEEZY. i loveeeee lil Wayne <333

List of dominican rappers?

Juelz Santana {P dipset { Skull GAng Lil Wayne YOung Money Cash Money Jim Jones Dipset Skull gang Yes People Lil Wayne is Dominican One of his parents are dominican

Who got more money 50 cent or Lil Wayne?

50 cent is one of the three top richest rappers, EVER. Wayne doesn't even rank in the top 10, yet.

Akon or lil Wayne which one is hotter?

lil Wayne

Is Soulja Boy a better rapper then Lil Wayne?

~you must b out yo mind~ lil Wayne is one of the beest rappers alive n if u thank im wrong tell him dat. lil Wayne is so talented he will rip u stright like dat listen to his words day real so don't get it twisted ya diggggggggg!!!!!