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11/06/2009 - To expand on this answer a bit, Kebra Windham is the ex-wife of Barry Windham. They divorced in 2004. Kebra's maiden name was Hart but she is not related to Bret Hart in any way nor was she ever married to him.

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Q: Was kebra windham married to Bret hart?
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Is Davey boy smith related to Bret hart?

Yes, by Marriage. He was married to Diana Hart, youngest sister of Bret and Owen.

Is Barry Windham wrestler currently married?

yes NOTE 11/30/08: To expand on this question, Barry Windham WAS married at one time. He was married to a lady named Kebra Hart from Homerville, GA and they had two kids, a boy and a girl. However, that marriage ended in divorce in 2004. I don't know who answered yes above to this question or how old the question and answer are but I am putting in what I know as fact for right now. Barry may have re-married but thus far I have seen no info on this.

What is Bret Hart's real name?

Bret Hart's real name is Bret Sergeant Hart.

Is David Hart Smith related to Bret Hart?

David Hart Smith is the son of Davey Boy Smith, also known as the British Bulldog, who was married to Bret Hart's sister Diana, making D.H. Smith Bret Hart's nephew. So Easy Answer is yes!

Is Bret hart married current?

No he is currently single he has been married and divorced twice

Did Bret Hart die?

No, Bret Hart is still alive.

When was Bret hart's debut?

Bret Hart debuted in 1976

Witch is the older brother Bret hart or Owen hart?

Bret hart is older

What is bret hart full name?

Bret the hit man Hart

Where was Bret hart born?

Bret Hart was born in Toronto,Ontario

Who painted the rotunda in Montgomery Alabama?

Bret hart Bret hart

Is natalya really Bret harts niece?

yes, Natalya is the daughter of former wrestler and tag team partner of Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Jim "The Anvil" is married to Ellie Hart, daughter of Stu Hart. Stu Hart is Bret Hart's father. Thus making Natalya, Bret's neice-in-law. Jan. 2010 It doesn't make her his neice in law! IT makes her his neice by blood because of his sister! For Nattie to be his neice-in-law that would mean she would have been married to his nephew. by Johncena111