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Hart Attack

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Q: What is the Name of Bret Hart's entrance Theme?
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What is the name of the Hart Dynasty's theme song?

The Hart Dynastys theme song is the sameas Bret Harts theme song.

What is the name of the band that wrote Bret harts entrance song?

It was written and performed by Jim Johnston. He has been the guy who creates most of the theme songs in WWE for the past couple of decades.

What is Bret harts moms name?

Hellen hart his fathers name is Stu

What is the name of Jeff Jarrett's entrance theme in TNA?

Jeff Jarrett's entrance theme is: My World

What is the birth name of Frank Harts?

Frank Harts's birth name is Frank James Harts III.

What is the name of kofi Kingston's entrance theme?


What is the name of Edge's entrance?

Edge's entrance theme song is called 'Metalingus' by Alter Bridge.

What is the name of entrance theme for Edge?

metalingus by alter bridge

What is the name of stone cold Steve austins entrance?

The name of theme is" i won't do what you told me to".

What is the name of The Band's TNA entrance music?

Wolfpac Theme (instrumental) by J.Hart

What is music theme's name of Michelle McCool entrance music?

Not Enough For Me

What is the name of MVP entrance theme?

"I'm Comin'" by Silkk the Shocker