Was john cena a real marine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No John Cena is not a Marine. But he did go to Parris Island 2 weeks pre-bootcamp to get a feeling of the Marine Corps. He never earned the title of US Marine in my opinion they director of that movie should have chose a real Marine less Marines angry at Cena that way.

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Q: Was john cena a real marine?
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Is John Cena's dad marine?

no he isin't a marine john cena is not his father

Is John Cena a marine?

No he isn't. He acted in the movie "The Marine" as a marine. In real life he is a professional wrestler, actor and a hip hop artist.

How long has John Cena been a marine?

John Cena was a Marine for exactly two hours. He only played a role as a marine in the movie, THE MARINE...srry if this is a put down...

Is John Cena the wrestler in the army or the marines in real life?

No he isn't. He just starred in the movie: The Marine. P.S. It's john cena cause you spelt it wrong lol

What is John cean's real name?

john MoralesJohn Cena's real name is John Felix Anthony Cena

In what movie did john cena star in 2006?

John Cena Stared in "The Marine" during 2006.

What movie did john cena do in 2006?

The Marine.

Did John Cena star in the marine?

Yes he did.

In the movie the marine who did john cena play?

John Triton

What is john cena's real name the WWE superstar?

His real name is John Cena

What is john cena's facebook name?

John Cena real