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John Cena goes by Prototype, Dr. of Thuganomics, The Franchise, The Marine, The Champ, Chain Gang, and Super Cena.

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Q: What nicknames does John Cena go by?
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Where did John Cena go to college?

john cena went to Cushing Academy

How many nicknames has John Cena had?

dont knoe maybe 3

Why did John Cena go to WWE?

John cena was a olympic fighter

Do mickie James go out with john cena?

no John Cena is married

Do eve torres and john cena go out in this year?

Is john cena and Eve torres go out

Do lania and john cena go out?

yes lania an john cena go out,and he goes out with liz lania is a cutie if john cena want her i`ll take her

Does cena go out with maria?

No, John Cena is married.

Where does John cena go?

to john's beach

How do you get a hold of John Cena WWE?

go to a wwe house show and go directly to john cena or vince McMahon for cena and his email is not

What name did John Cena go by in 2002?

I think he just went by what he is now John Cena.

John Cena AIM?

He does not have a aim but to badddddddd but go john cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is cena's whole name john Felix Anthony Cena JR?

Yes it is!!!Go to and type in john cena Yeh it is