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Q: Was iceberg hermit ever a movie?
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Who in the Iceberg Hermit is the fair lady?

Nancy the polar bear

Is it okay for a hermit crab to eat luttus?

Hermit crabs can eat dark, green leafy lettuces, but not iceberg or head lettuce.

Character of the iceberg hermit?

The iceberg hermit is a solitary and mysterious character who seeks isolation on an iceberg. He is introspective and contemplative, finding solace in being alone with nature. Despite his solitude, he possesses a deep wisdom and connection to the environment around him.

Do hermit crabs ever get smaller?


Has a whale ever hit an iceberg?

No, they avoid them.

Did anyone ever tip the iceberg on clubpenguin?

People did tip the iceberg but got banned forever! But it took almost the whole iceberg covered with penguins!

Which is the largest iceberg ever recorded?

B-15 was the largest iceberg ever recorded. The large chunk broke off of Antarctica and was roughly the size of Jamaica.

Have you ever see one iceberg in the Mediterranean?


What is the furthest an Arctic iceberg ever drifted?

No dajuhrvf

In club penguin has the iceberg ever tipped?


What is a hermit crabs diet to eat?

You should give your hermit crabs regular flake or pelet food.Then, hermit crabs can eat fruits, veggies, and other snacks:Apples & applesauceCarrotsSpinachLettuce & watercress (no iceberg lettuce)GrapesBlueberriesStrawberriesBananasBrine shrimpPeanut butterUnsalted crackersUnsalted non-buttered popcorn (as in: absolutely plain popcorn)

When the Titanic hit the iceberg were they watching the Poseidon adventure?

When the Titanic struck the iceberg, the passengers filmed the movie,"The Poseidon Adventure" on board.