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If you are referring to Mark Calaway's dad then neither.

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Q: Was frank calaway a wwe or wwf wrestler?
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Who was the very 1st WWE wrestler?

Everyone on the wwf roster when it switched to wwe

Who is the wrestler undertakers wife?

The Undertaker (Mark Calaway, born 1965) is a US professional wrestler who debuted in 1984 in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). He was there until 1990, when he made his debut in the WWF, now known as the WWE.

Who is the first WWF-WWE wrestler to triple crown?

Shawn Michaels was the first.

Did TNA WCW or WWE hired any wrestler from Pakistan in past or present?

Yes i there was a Pakistani wrestler in wwf in 1990s.

Who is a one-named superstar?

stone cold is the number one wrestler in wwe or wwf

Who was the first Indian wresteler in wwf?

There was no Indian wrestler in WWF.The first Indian wrestler is the great khali who came in WWE in 2006.

What role does Sable have in the WWE?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Sable was a professional wrestler in the WWE between 2003 and 2004. She had previously starred in the WWF wrestling tournament where she was the second WWF Women's Champion.

Does WWE undertaker have children?

Mark William Calaway is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name The Undertaker. Calaway is the son of Frank and Catherine Calaway, and is one of five brothers with David, Michael, Paul and Timothy. Calaway first married Jodi Lynn in 1989, and they had a son, Gunner, born in 1993, before the marriage ended in 1999. Calaway met his second wife, Sara, at a WWF autograph signing in San Diego, California. He eventually married her in a ceremony in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 21, 2000. Mark and Sara have two daughters together: Chasey, born in 2002, and Gracie, born in 2005

How did undertaker came about?

The "Undertaker" character was developed by Vince McMahon specifically for Mark Calaway. After WCW failed to resign Calaway in 1989, he tried out for WWE (WWF at the time). Vince didn't sign him because there was no immediate role for Calaway. Several months later, Vince called up Mark Calaway and asked "Is this The Undertaker" and the rest is history!

Did the undertaker die in the wwf?

Mark Calaway; the WWF wrester who uses the name "The Undertaker" is not dead.

Is john cena the best wrestler of all time?

Well john cena is the 2cnd best because edge is the best wrestler he achived more champion ships the anyone in the wwe and wwf

Who is best wrestler at present in wwf?

In wwf the wrestler would be the rock,hulk hogan and stone cold steave austin.