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No, but fellow Aquabats band members Christian Jacobs and Chad Larson are.

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Q: Was Travis barker Mormon at any point?
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Does travis barker have any siblings?

No. He is an only child

When was Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis born?

Elizabeth "Lib" Hatcher Travis is approximately 68 years old. She met Randy Travis when he was 17 and she was 37. She was the manager of a night club. She helped promote Randy and even took him in to live with her and her husband. Hatcher-Travis does not allow any interviews that will reveal her age. When the Biography Channel wanted to profile Randy, a condition was that, when Lib was discussed, her age would not be specified. She would be noted to be "years older," and that's all.

Are any of the band members in Chelsea grin lds?

No. None of the members of Chelsea Grin are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).

Who is Travis grady?

There's only one character I know with the name "Travis Grady" (a Silent Hill character, from "Silent Hill: Origins (ZERO if you're in Japan))Voiced by Mikey O'Connor. Is the player character and protagonist. Travis is a trucker who rescues Alessa Gillespie from the house fire mentioned in Silent Hill. It is revealed that he was abused by his mother, who attempted to kill him at a young age. She was subsequently admitted to Cedar Groves Sanitarium, where she rationalized her actions. She mentioned that Travis was a pest, and that he also had a devil in him. It is also revealed that Travis's father killed himself while he was still a child. Travis is one of the very few characters in the Silent Hill franchise (especially as a playable character) who shows any history of handling and using firearms although he doesn't like seeing harmed or dead animals implying he doesn't like hunting. He makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Here, he gives Alex Shepherd, the game's protagonist, a ride to the town of Shepherd's Glen .

Is a wolverine nocturnal?

Yes, the wolverine is considered to be a nocturnal animal. However, it may be active at any point during the day.

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Are there any famous people with the name of Travis?

Travis Barker

Does travis barker have any siblings?

No. He is an only child

Is Travis barker christian?

Travis was raised a catholic. Several tattoos relate to catholocism, although i do not think he is a christian any longer

Does Travis barker sing in any of blink-182's songs?

no. the only singers are Tom and Mark

Who is the mother of Travis mccoy's baby?

lol... Travis Mccoy does not have any kids

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A Mormon girl who is a virgin is the same as any other virgin girl. One who has not had any sexual relations.

Will blink 182 tour Ireland?

Blink 182 WILL NOT be touring England or any other country. If you want to go see them you will have to go to America. Travis Barker refuses to get on a plane since his crash so there is absolutly no chance of them coming over here.

Is mt eden the singer Mormon?

Unaware of any individual, Mormon or otherwise, with that name.

Are any Chargers players Mormon?


Why don't you answer the question is there any mormon president in the US?

There has not yet been a Mormon president in the US.

Does Travis Lazarus have any children?


Did travis and jodi do what is acceptable as Mormons sexually?

I don't know who Travis and Jodi are - But if they were adults in a legal heterosexual marriage, whatever they did together is acceptable. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) does not interfere with what a married couple does in their bedroom. Whatever a legally married husband and wife are comfortable with is acceptable. The Church believes that any sexual activity outside of a legal heterosexual marriage between consenting adults is a sin - that is, any premarital sex, any extramarital sex (adultery), and any homosexual sex.