Who is Travis grady?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There's only one character I know with the name "Travis Grady" (a Silent Hill character, from "Silent Hill: Origins (ZERO if you're in Japan))

Voiced by Mikey O'Connor. Is the player character and protagonist. Travis is a trucker who rescues Alessa Gillespie from the house fire mentioned in Silent Hill. It is revealed that he was abused by his mother, who attempted to kill him at a young age. She was subsequently admitted to Cedar Groves Sanitarium, where she rationalized her actions. She mentioned that Travis was a pest, and that he also had a devil in him. It is also revealed that Travis's father killed himself while he was still a child. Travis is one of the very few characters in the Silent Hill franchise (especially as a playable character) who shows any history of handling and using firearms although he doesn't like seeing harmed or dead animals implying he doesn't like hunting. He makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Here, he gives Alex Shepherd, the game's protagonist, a ride to the town of Shepherd's Glen .

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Q: Who is Travis grady?
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