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Nagato was considered a bad guy at first, but changed to a good guy before he died.

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Q: Was Nagato in Naruto a good guy or bad guy?
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Is pain a good guy from Naruto?

ok the truth story is....Pain is not a bad guy...Yahiko,konan and nagato pain is a good friend..and the the been founded by Yahiko... and consisted of Amegakure ninja that wished to create peace for their home country. and that was the real akatsuki made...but Uchiha Madara become the leader...and become Akatsuki S-rank Criminal so i can say it....Nagato Pain is not a Bad Guy

Are Naruto and pein related?

Not at all. Though they do share the same beliefs about war and peace Naruto Uzumaki and Nagato the guy who had red hair and controled the rinnegan are related in maternal ways Naruto's mother was uzumaki and madara uchiha saided that nagato was also uzumaki.So they are in some way related...

In Naruto is yahiko Naruto?

Actually Yahiko is one of Jirayas students. He had 6 students but at different times. The team was Konan,Pain(Nagato),and Yahiko. Yahiko died though because of war. Konan and Nagato(Pain) are in the akatski. Konan had the power for oragami and Pain can use the rennagon. Go to for more info. And by the way Yahiko is not Naruto!\ jojdcoijdsihbrefius

Does Naruto die in the fourth movie of Naruto shippuden?

no defeats the bad guy as usual

Does Naruto die when he fights pain?

Yes he does die. Naruto kills all the bodies of Pein that were still alive and the main body of Pein, the guy who controled all of them, Nagato. Nagato also leaves his dream of world peace in Naruto's hands. Naruto lets the Konan live because she makes no attempt to fight. She says that if her friends leave their dreams in his hands she will to. =)

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