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Q: Was June Lockhart in the pride of the Yankees movie?
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What is June Lockhart's birthday?

June Lockhart was born on June 25, 1925.

June played mother in TV's Lassie?

June Lockhart

How old is June Lockhart?

At the current writing, 4 October 2011, yes. She just finished filming of her newest role in Zombie Hamlet.

What is the birth name of Lizabeth Lockhart?

Lizabeth Lockhart's birth name is June Elizabeth Lindsay.

Am I the only person who thinks that Denise Richards resembles June Lockhart?

No, I also think she looks like June Lockhart, even her laugh. Liz

Is June Lockhart spokesperson on Advair Commercial?


Who was younger man living with June lockhart?

Ted Neeley

What are the release dates for Password - 1961 June Lockhart vs- Barry Sullivan 4-36?

Password - 1961 June Lockhart vs- Barry Sullivan 4-36 was released on: USA: 3 June 1965

Who was the lady that starred in the old TV series Lost in Space?

June Lockhart starred in the old TV series Lost in Space as Maureen Robinson.

What was the name of the movie about Alvin C York?

"Sergeant York" (1941). Stars Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, Ward Bond, June Lockhart, Dickie Moore.

What movie had actors and actress's kids in it?

"A Christmas Carol" (1938). Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit were played by real-life couple Gene and Kathleen Lockhart. One of the children in the film was played by their real-life daughter June Lockhart. She would grow up to play the mother on the television series "Lassie".

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