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Yes. John Jay Smith was Jackson's pseudonym for the episode.

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Q: Was John Jay Smith Michael Jackson on the Simpsons?
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Was Michael Jackson on The Simpsons?

Yes, in the episode Stark Raving Dad, he did the speaking voice of Leon Kompowsky under the name John Jay Smith, a man called Kipp Lennon did the singing parts.

What season was Michael Jackson on The Simpsons?

When Homer is committed to a mental institution he meets a fellow inmate called Leon Kompowsky who thinks he is Michael Jackson; this character is voiced by an (uncredited) Michael Jackson. For legal reasons Michael Jackson was not allowed to appear or be named on the show, he used the the pseudonym John Jay Smith. Michael Jackson also wrote the song "Happy Birthday Lisa" that he sung on the same show.

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What episode of the simpsons is John Jay Smith on?

Stark Raving Dad; season three, episode one.

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