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yes, the original quileute tribe leader was related to Jacob

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Q: Was Jacob supposed to be leader of the Quileute tribe?
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What tribe is Jacob?


What tribe is Jacob a member?

Jacob is part of the tribe called Quileute.

How do you spell the tribe Jacob Blacks in?

Quileute tribe

What Tribe does Jacob belongs to in new moon?

Jacob belongs to the Quileute 'pack' they are the protectors of the Quileute tribe. they are Werewolves/shape shifters.

The tribe at la push that Jacob Black is in?

Jacob Black is in the Quileute tribe.

What is the name of tribe?

The name of Jacob Black's tribe is the Quileute tribe.

What is the name of the tribe Jacob Black originates from?

The Quileute tribe.

Which tribe does Jacob belong to?

Quileute pack.

What is the name of Jacobs tribe?

The name of Jacob Black's tribe is the Quileute tribe.

New moon What is Jacob idian tribe name?


Which character in twilight is part of the mysterious Quileute tribe?

Jacob is ofcourse he becomes a werewolf so hes part of the tribe

What tribe is Jacob belong too in new moon?

The Quileute tribe, along with Sam, Paul, Jared, Quil, and Embry.