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Q: Was Gerald leverts casket opened
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Is felicia snoop Pearsons Gerald leverts dauhter?


When was Gerald leverts concert at starlight theater?

He will be there Speptember 14th.

Did Whitney Houston have an opened casket?

No, the family decided to have a closed casket.

What is a paupers casket?

The expression "a pauper's casket" can relate to a low cost casket provided by the government for indigent people. Sometimes a reusable casket is meant: in former times indigent dead people were taken to the cemetery in a casket with a bottom which could be opened up; then, at the graveside the shrouded corpse was left in the grave while the casket was reused again.

Did Abraham Lincoln have a closed or open casket?

The casket was opened for viewing and thousands viewed it. No photographs were allowed but one was taken. The plates were destroyed but one print was made and lost until 1952 when it resurfaced.

What was gearld leverts ablum name in the 1980's?

It was called Love and he enjoyed it that way>>>

Did Patsy Cline have an open casket?

Yes, but it was placed in her home and those who were not family members or friends did not get to see her. There was no open casket service for Patsy. Patsy's body was horribly dismembered from the plane crash, so an open casket was not an option.

What is the value of an Elizabeth Arden BG jewel Casket It has a perfume set in it which had never been opened?

The value of an Elazabeth Arden BG jewel casket containing a perfume set that has not been opened would depend on several variables. Thes would include which fragrance it is, what items are in the perfume set, what kind of promotion it was part of, and when it was released to the public.

Is there a difference between a half couch casket and a perfection half couch style casket?

Yes, there is, although both types of caskets have a split top. The divided lid has become the most characteristic feature of American style caskets. In a perfection cut half-couch design, the lid is simply cut into a head and a foot panel, each of which usually has more or less the same length. For viewing, the head panel is opened. The majority of caskets sold in the US today are of the modern perfection cut style. In the traditional, original or "true" half-couch casket, the foot panel has the same construction as a perfection cut casket, but the head panel differs from it because only the upper part of the lid (the "crown") is opened for viewing, while both the front part and the head end part of the "ogee" (the rim or frame of the lid) remain fastened with hinges to the base (or body) of the casket. These hinged parts of the ogee of the head panel, together with the textile lining attached to them, are also opened up during the viewing. This creates the impression of a wide bed with a pillow in it. With other words, the opened half of the traditional half-couch casket looks wider than the opened half of a perfection cut casket. A closed traditional half-couch casket can be differed from a perfection cut casket by the fact that in the former the line marking the split of the lid is slightly broken, while in a perfection cut casket it is unbroken. The original half-couch style has become rare. The main reason why it has been replaced by the perfection cut style seems to be the fact, that in metal caskets - which make up the majority of caskets in the US nowadays - only perfection cut models can be equipped with a gasket which gives them the protective property of a sealer casket.

What is a casket?

A casket is either a little box, such as a jewellery casket, or a coffin.

Do maggots eat a body when in a casket?

if the casket is sealed where they cant get in then no but they can if the casket is not sealed good

When was The Casket created?

The Casket was created in 1852.