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No. He was married with kids Correction. He had an estranged relationship with a woman/wife, and had a daughter that he refused to acknowledge. He was very likely gay. To be clear, he never made that claim.

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Q: Was Eddie kendricks of the temptations gay?
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How did Eddie Kendricks of the Temptaions die?

Eddie Kendricks of the temptations died of lung cancer.

What temptations performed with david ruffin and Eddie kendricks in 1982 on tour?

what is the names of the temptations whom performed with david ruffin and Eddie kendricks in 1982 during their last performances

What was Eddie kendricks of the temptations net worth at time of death?


Eddie kendricks and David Ruffin were lead singers with which Motown group?

The Temptations

Who played Eddie Kendricks in the Temptations movie?

Terron Brooks!

Did Eddie Kendricks date Diana Ross?

Yes, they dated( Eddie Kendricks And Diana Ross) according to Tony Turner and Otis Williams of The Temptations. They both( Eddie and Diana) were secretly involved.

Who all were in the temptations?

I know the original members of The Temptations were Otis Williams,Paul Williams,Melvin Franklin,Eddie Kendricks,and David Ruffin.

Is there a singer who has a birthday on December 17?

Eddie Kendricks - the temptations Paul Rodgers - Vocalists for Free and Bad Company

What are facts about the temptations?

1. Eddie kendricks full name is Edward James Kendricks 2. David Ruffin and Melvin Franklin are distant cousins 3. Otis williams and paul williams arnt related

When was Eddie Kendricks - album - created?

Eddie Kendricks - album - was created in 1973-05.

When did Eddie Kendricks die?

Eddie Kendricks died on October 5, 1992 at the age of 52.

What is the birth name of Eddie Kendricks?

Eddie Kendricks's birth name is Edward James Kendrick.