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Q: How old is Eddie kendricks ex wife patricia stokes kendricks?
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Who were Eddie Kendricks wives and children?

Eddie's wife's name was Patricia Stokes. Eddie had three children: Parris, Aika, and Paul Kendrick.

Did Eddie kendricks have a wife?

Yes, he did he had a wife named Pat( Patricia) They had 3 children together.

When did Eddie kendricks get married?

He needs a wife

Photos of Eddie kendricks children and wife?


Were Eiddie Kendrick's three children by his wife Patricia Stokes?

Paris is the first son of Eddie Kendrick, His mother is Patricia Stokes Kendrick Aika, his only daughter is the product of a relationship with Wanda Young Paul is the youngest of his children and his mother is Darlene ??

Does all of Eddie levert kids by his wife?

No, they are not all by his current wife. He had one before he met Gerald mom, Eddie Jr. Then he had Gerald, Sean, and Candice by Martha his first wife. Then Shawnquetta and Euri by the affair that he had on his then first wife. Her name was Patricia.

Does chris stokes have a wife and kids?

Chris Stokes Has 3 Or 4 Kids But A Wife Is Unknown, He Is Divorced

Was Eddie kendricks of the temptations gay?

No. He was married with kids Correction. He had an estranged relationship with a woman/wife, and had a daughter that he refused to acknowledge. He was very likely gay. To be clear, he never made that claim.

What is the name of Eddie Guerrero's wife?

Vicky Guerrero was Eddie Guerrero's wife

Who was president Nixons wife?

Patricia Nixon

What is cousin Eddie's wife's name in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

Cousin Eddie's wife's name is Catherine.

Who is the characters in the story patricia of the green hills?

the characters in the story of patricia of the greenhills by maximo ramos are patricia, wife, jose lactaotao

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