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Q: Was Amanda Seyfried in the movie Mean Girls?
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What has Amanda Seyfried starred in?

Recent movies that Amanda Seyfried has starred in are: Mamma Mia!, Chloe, Jennifer's Body, Dear John, Mean Girls, and Letters to Juliet.

What is the name of the dumb blond in Mean Girls?

The character's name is Karen Smith. She is portrayed by Amanda Seyfried.

Who is needy in jennifers body?

Amanda seyfried she has been in many films including mean girls ect.

Which celebrities are in the movie Mean Girls?

Rachel McAdams as Regina George Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron

What is the mean girls name on mean girls?

Regina George (as portrayed by actress Rachel McAdams). Her two friends are Gretchen Weiners (played by Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried).

Is Amanda Seyfried of Jewish descent?

Yes, Amanda Seyfried has 2 kids.

Who is Amanda Seyfried?

Amanda Bynes is 31 years old (born April 3, 1986).

How old is Sophie in the movie or play 'Mamma Mia'?

If you mean Amanda Seyfried who played the roleof Sophie then she was 23 years old in Mamma Mia!

What are the names of the mean girls?

If your Talking About The Movie THen Its: Lindsay Lohan Rachel McAdams Lacey Chabert Amanda Seyfried Tina Fey Amanda seyfried was in the Jennifer's body :) and The most popular girl usually... in Disney movies.. is Lindsay lohan.. she was in Get a clue.. or freaky Friday Guessing that answered it?? Tlk 2 me at for more info. tell me if i didn't answer it.. I'll be answering soon as possible Good luck :)

What are the girls names who stared in mean girls?

Lindsay Lohan- Cady- Main character Rachel Mcadams- Regina- Plastics Lacey Chabert- Gretchen- " Amanda Seyfried-Karen- " Lizzy Chaplin-Janis- Cadys Friend

What is another word for plastic?

In mean girls? Regina Gerorge- played by Rachel Mcadams. Gretchen Wieners.. and Karen Smith- played by Amanda Seyfried. I hope you didn't mean the material...

What films did Amanda Seyfried act in?

Mamma Mia, Mean Girls #1, Alice in Wonderland, Dear john, Chloe, boogie woogie, Red riding hood, Letters to juliet, Jennifer's body, In time, and, Gone.