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On Comcast it comes on cable 38 (USA Network)

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Q: WHAT channel does the 2009 WWE Draft come on?
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When is the 2009 WWE draft?

April 13 was the live draft and April 15 was the supplemental draft

What brand is rey mysterio in?

He is in Smackdown. He was drafted in WWE DRAFT 2009.

Did undertaker go to raw?

If you are talking about wwe's 2009 draft then no!

After the 2008 WWE draft when will they have another?

The WWE Draft has become a yearly tradition ever since the brand extension. Look for the next draft to be announced sometime between April and July of 2009.

What channel is WWE raw come on xfinity?

what channel does raw come on with xfinity

What channel does WWE superstars come on for grande communications?

channel 12

What channel does WWE come on on Dish?


What channel is smakdown on cable?

WWE Smackdown is not on MyNetwork, country music is on. What channel does WWE Smackdown come on with Knology cable?

What channel does wwe come on in easley.?

In Easley South Carolina the wwe show of Friday night SmackDown is on channel 9.

Who is going to be on smackdown in the WWE draft 2009 huh?

The newest match is the Inferno Match

Will WWE come to Australia in 2008 to 2009?

yes wwe will come to Australia in 2008

WWE draft 2009 when?

The WWE 2009 draft was on Monday April 13, 2009 at 8PM EST from Atlanta, GA: Raw got HHH, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Maryse, MVP, The Miz Smackdown got Mysterio, Jericho, CM Punk, Melina & Kane ECW got Vladimir Kozlov <-------sucks nuts Full results pick by pick and matches here: