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racial stereotyping

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B.) Racial sterotyping

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Q: Ty thinks it's strange that a person with an Asian-sounding name speaks Spanish as her primary language. Ty's thoughts are an example of?
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What is the example of the language in Argentina?

official language is spanish

What is a 'source language'?

A source language is the original language in an interpretation. For example, if I speak a phrase in English and it is translated into Spanish, the Source language is English. The target language is Spanish.

How does the Spanish language influence the English language?

The American language was not decided by just a whole bunch of letters and sounds together. The truth is, English comes from many languages, some including English, French, Spanish, German, etc. For a French example, the name Titanic. For a Spanish example, taco and so much more. So, a Spanish language can influence an American language so much.

What language is el amor an example of?

El amor is an example of spanish and is also the title of a popular song by Puerto Rican recording artist Tito El Bambino. In English it stands for love.

How do say the word language in spanish?

Lenguaje. You can also use "Lengua" or "Idioma. Lengua means also a tounge. But when saying for example, "La lengua española (spanish)", you are reffering to their language.

What does learning English as second language mean?

Example: Your mother and father speak Spanish to you. You have learned Spanish before any other languages. That is your first language. Then, you learn English because you live in America. That is the second language you learn. That is English as (a) second language. The second language you learn is your (language) as (a) second language. I hope that helped.

Which language is que tu nombre?

That's Spanish (bad Spanish) and means "What your name". Correct Spanish would be, for example, "¿Cuál es tu nombre?"

What is language and a language?

language is the way you speak for example spanish some of the words areguia del usuario and that means owners guide os presto that is an monator tooken for blood sugar

How does the english language influence the spanish language?

One way I know the English language influences the Spanish language, is there are certain words called "cognates". A cognate is a word that looks the same in Spanish than it does in English. For example, the words "perfecto" means "perfect". I'm sure you could have guessed that by looking at the two words, right? That because they are cognates. Another example would be "fantastico" whose meaning is the same as the English word similarly spelled. There are other ways that English influences Spanish, but that's the most obvious way.

What is Second language?

Generally "second language" refers to a second language someone can speak, ie: My first language is English, my second language is Spanish. Also, it can be used to let people know that one particular language is NOT your first, or best known. ie: English as a second language. Meaning your most fluent language is German, or Spanish or French, but you are learning English. Might help to get a more thorough answer if you used a sentence as an example, let us know how "Second Language" is used.

What are language foundations?

Language foundations are institutions created to help each nation's culture and language to be known for the rest of the world. Too see an example the Foundation of the Spanish Language is an institution like this:

What is a host language?

A laguage that other languages are based On and many words derive from. For example Latin is a common host language because Spanish is mainly from latin