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The meaning of the lyrics to Calling All Angels as sung by KD lang and Jane Sidberry will evade those who do not believe in Reincarnation. The song begins in "heaven" where the soul who is going to earth calls on all the saints to help him. He is then taken to earth of his own accord, to have a life of reincarnation where lessons are learned, etc... the baby "settles in and is heavy with the burden of a human body...flesh and bone. No longer in the spirit. The song then takes us through childhood and into Adult hood where the burdens of being human and the hardships of life can be hard. Somewhere in this adult, he longs to be back in the heavenly home from where he came. However, also, are beautiful human experiences to behold..Calling all Angels,,,,,,walk me through this one is saying "help me through this life on earth that I have chosen" Very simply, this amazing song, beautiful and with a touch of heaven in it is all about our lives on this earth. Each person fulfilling their destiny. and those who find the answers to a question or become aware of their place at this time, will call on heaven and the angels to help them till they are back home. How awesome this song is.

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Q: True meaning behind of calling all angels?
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