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no there isnt a man behind talking tom buttheres a man behind talking ginger take a screenshot and zoom in gingers eyes you will see a head

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Q: Is it true there is a man behind talking tom?
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Who is that large man that Tom is talking to in the devil and Tom walker?

He is known as "old scratch"

Who is the large man that tom walker is talking to in the devil and tom walker?

He is known as "old scratch"

Does talking Angela have a camera in her eyes?

yes there is a scary man behind angela the cat talking game, you can see him in her eye.


beacuse tom is experementing ben that is why talking tom is danger

Can you dress up talking tom cat on talking tom cat 2?

you can dress up talking tom 2

How do you get cake on talking tom?

You have to buy the full version on talking Tom.

Is talking Angela really in love with talking Tom?

She is not in Love with Tom.

Is there anymore talking games on oufit 7 on talking tom?

yes i just got my talking tom

What does the devil urge Tom to do The Devil and Tom Walker?

In the Washington Irving's short story, 'The Devil and Tom Walker', Tom Walker initially encountered the Devil while taking a shortcut through the swamp. He was confronted by the soot blackened man at the site of an old fort.

Have you played talking tom?

I have played talking tom before. This is a amazing cool kind of application!

Can you get talking tom on your android epad?

yes you can it is easy just type in talking tom cat

What is the best computer talking app?

tom tom