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The top tagteam is the DX Generation . (Triple H and Shawn michaels)

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Q: Top tag teams in the WWE?
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What can you create on Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

You can create: WWE Storyline finishers signatures people tag teams and entrences

What is the name of all the WWE titles?

wwe originol: wwe championship wwe intercontinental championship wwe tag team championship wwe hardcore championship wwe light-heavyweight championship wwe European championship wwe tag team championship womens championship divas championship snatched from wcw: world heavyweight championship united states championship world tag team championship snatched from ecw: ecw championship

How do you reset WWE universe in svr 11?

Unfortunately that's impossible. Though, you can restart it manually by deleting all character's belts, allies and enemies and re-making all the tag teams.

How many championship belts do the WWE have?

current championships: wwe championship wwe world championship wwe united states championship wwe tag team championship wwe world tag team championship wwe womens championship wwe divas championship retired championships: wwe hardcore championship wwe light weight championship wwe European championship wwe million dollar championship wcw cruiserweight championship wcw cruiserweight tag team championship wcw hardcore championship wcw television championship ecw championship ecw world tag team championship ecw ftw world championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship all together 21 championships

How many championships are there in WWE?

Currently there are 6 championships in WWE: - WWE - World Heavyweight - Unified Tag Team - Intercontinental - United States - Diva's

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Will WWE tag team tons of funk win the tag titles?

As of now - No. The Tons of Funk is a comedic tag team which as of now is not one of the top tag teams. Brodus Clay and Tensai are both very talented wrestlers and so, in future they both can become contenders for the title

Who is WWE greatest tag teams?

the new age outlaws the rock & sock connection the brood

Who Are The Current WWE Tag Teams 2013?

evolition dx brothers of destruction new age outlaws

Where can you find a list of all the WWE tag teams?

Go to and this should be what you are looking for.

Smash is a wWe legeND?

Yes. He, along with Ax, were one of the best tag teams in WWE history as Demolition. If I'm not mistaken, they hold the record for longest tag team title reign in WWE history. If they don't currently hold it, I know they did for many a year.

What are the chances of a tag team joining the WWE?

Highly unlikely. But people do sometimes begin as tag teams before standing on their own feet and going solo. If you want to watch tag teams, I recommend WWE Superstars or NXT. Solo competition is better on Raw and Smackdown, especially Raw because it's 3 hours long now.

What can you create on Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

You can create: WWE Storyline finishers signatures people tag teams and entrences

What are the current tag teams in WWE?

For raw santino marella and john cena for sit the fk down undertaker and rey myterio

Who are the current Tag Teams in WWE?

There are several tag teams currently in the WWE:Team Hell No -- Kane & Daniel Bryan (Tag Team Champions)Primetime Players -- Titus O'Neil & Darren YoungRhodes Scholars -- Cody Rhodes & Damien SandowThe Usos -- Jimmy & Jey UsoPrimo & EpicoHunico & Camacho3 Man Band -- Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater & Jinder MahalThe Shield -- Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth RollinsIt is hard to keep track of tag teams in the WWE, as they form and split rather rapidly.

How many titles did ric flair won?

ric flair won 16 wwe titles and many secondary and tag teams titles

Who are the WWE tag team champions in 2013?

At this time, the WWE Tag Team Champions are Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Should the road warriors hawk and animal be in the WWE hall of fame?

Yes, they are one of the most dominant tag teams in history virtually winning every tag title they have set their eyes upon and they have inspired countless number of tag teams.They were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 with longtime manager, 'Precious' Paul Ellering.

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