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There were...

40 WWWF United States Tag Team Champions

5 WWWF United States Champions

3 WWF North American Heavyweight Champions

6 WWF International Heavyweight Champions

11 WWF Junior Heavyweight Champions

18 International Tag Team Champions

1 WWF Canadian Champion

10 WWF Women's Tag Team Champions

6 WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Champions

1 Intercontinental Tag Team Champion

144 WCW World Tag Team Champions

77 WWF Light Heavyweight Champions

63 WCW World Heavyweight Champions

36 WWE European Chamopions

230 WWE Hardcore Champions

79 WWE Cruiserweight Champions

49 ECW World Heayweight Champions

176 World Tag Team Champions

59 WWE Women's Champions

5 Million Dollar Champions

112 and counting WWE Champions

127 and counting WWE United States Champions

132 and counting WWE Intercontinental Champions

48 and counting WWE World Heavyweight Champions

84 and counting WWE Tag Team Champions


15 and counting WWE Divas Champions

There's about 1537 champions all-time (and counting!)

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Q: How many WWE champions have their been in the history of WWE?
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