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Opening is "Sign" By FLOW

and ending is "It was you (omaedattanda)" by Kishidan

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Q: There is a new theme song to naruto shippuden in episode 131 what is it?
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What is the theme song in Naruto Shippuden?

It depends on what episode you are talking about

What number is the opening theme for naruto shippuden episode 213?

If you mean the song, the title of it is [Lovers], Naruto

What is the Naruto Shippuden theme 6 called?

Sign, which is performed by the group Flow, is the opening song for the sixth season of Naruto Shippuden. It's used for the first time in episode 129 and used for the last time on episode 153.

What is the best song to go with Naruto?

naruto songs or rap,or hip hop would probably do it blue bird (naruto shippuden theme song 3), hero's come back (naruto shippuden theme song 1)

What song was playing when naruto and kurama fought the tailed beasts?

This was in Shippuden episode 329. The song was Decision.

What is naruto Shippuden seventh song called?

Tomei Datta Sekai that is the 7th theme

What song was playing when Naruto and Kurama fought against the tailed beasts?

This was in Shippuden episode 329. The song was Decision.

What is the special opening theme for naruto shippuden the movie?

i think its the song "lie lie lie"

Who sings naruto shippuden theme song blue bird?

It's the band Ikimono Gakari.

Who sings the opening song in the newest episode of naruto Shippuden 82 and onwards?

Inoue Joe

What song is in episode 235 of Naruto Shippuden?

The song hasn't been shown outside of that episode yet; it'll probably be in Naruto Shippuden OST 3, when it comes out. Here's the closest thing I could find to the song itself; it's a clip of sound from the episode. The voices are cut out, but you can still hear the other sounds.

What song played in naruto episode 217 about half way in the episode?

The song that played in Naruto episode 217 about halfway in the episode is Closer by Joe Inoue.