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Q: The title of the first quadraphonic album that used CD-4 recording techniques?
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Which recording studio published the first album by Miley Cyrus?

The first album Miley Cyrus actually recorded was a Hannah Montana album. This ablum was recorded and Producted at Walt Disney Recording Studios.

When is Falling In Reverse going to record their first album?

they are recording it right now :)

What is the name of the recording artist that recorded the debut studio album 'The Dutchess'?

The recording artist Fergie who is best known as a member of the band Black-Eyed Peas recorded the studio album 'The Duchess'. It was her first album, and was released in 2006.

When did Michael start recording solo albums?

"Ben" was his first solo album released in 1972. His first solo album as an adult was "Off the Wall" recorded in 1979.

Will the original moody blue vinyl album and cover will be worth money since they were the first album to come out at the time of the recording?

No They produced tons of them

What was Michael Jackson first album when he was 4?

he didnt have one when he was 4, he start recording at the age of 10

When did owl city sell there first album?

Owl City, AKA Adam Young, made his first recording, Of June, in 2007.

What year did Mariah Carey do her first recording?

Her first eponymous album 'Mariah Carey' was released in 1990, and was recorded from 1988-1990.

On what record label did The Distillers release their first album?

The Distillers very first album was under the record label Epitaph in 1999. They also used the same recording label for their 2nd album just a year later in 2000.

When was Return to Forever's first recording?

Return to Forever is a jazz fusion group found and led by Chick Corea. Return to Forever's first album recording for ECM Records was during the year of 1972.

Is Overdubbing refers to a multi-track recording techniques where one voice is recorded and then a second voice added after the first?


Marvin Gay Yesterday album recording recorded first?

in strawberry shortcake in new york mariah in 1232