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in strawberry shortcake in new york mariah in 1232

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Q: Marvin Gay Yesterday album recording recorded first?
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Which recording studio published the first album by Miley Cyrus?

The first album Miley Cyrus actually recorded was a Hannah Montana album. This ablum was recorded and Producted at Walt Disney Recording Studios.

What year did the Beatles record Yesterday?

The song 'Yesterday' was released on Marvin Gaye's album 'That's the Way Love Is' in January of 1970. Given the release date, it would be safe to assume the actual recording of the track took place prior to that date.

What is the name of the recording artist that recorded the debut studio album 'The Dutchess'?

The recording artist Fergie who is best known as a member of the band Black-Eyed Peas recorded the studio album 'The Duchess'. It was her first album, and was released in 2006.

When was The Beatles album Yesterday released?

The Beatles did not have an album called Yesterday; however, they did release a song entitled "Yesterday" on 6 August 1965 which was recorded in the same year on 14 June. The song itself is on the album "Help!"

Where was the song 'Ride the Lightning' by the band Metallica recorded?

The album "Ride the Lightning" by the band Metallica was recorded in 1984. Recording ended in March and the album was released in July to much acclaim.

When was Marvin the Album created?

Marvin the Album was created on 1992-11-24.

Which band recorded the drinking anthem Tubthumping?

"Tubthumping" was a recording on the 1997 album "Tubthumper" by the English band Chumbawamba.

When did Marvin Gaye record Let's Get It On?

Marvin Gaye recorded the song "Let's get it on" in 1973. The album of that name was released in August of that year and the title track became one of his most popular songs.

The song yesterday by the beatles what albulm is it?

Yesterday and today album and the help album.

When was Only Yesterday - album - created?

Only Yesterday - album - was created in 1990.

When was Born Yesterday - album - created?

Born Yesterday - album - was created in 1985.

What phish album contains punch you in the eye?

PYITE has never been released on a studio album, however there is an amazing version of it on the LivePhish release of the 12/31/95 Madison Square Garden show. The song is technically part of the Gamehenge saga, but was written after the band recorded The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, so it is not on that recording either.