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Arestomomentom: slows a face moving object down :)

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We don't know. Harry never heard it and JK Rowling never told us.

This is incorrect its Aresto Momentum

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Hermione used Petrificus Totalus, the full body-bind curse.

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Q: The spell that dumbledor used to stop harry from falling?
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You don't say a spell to stop the Whomping Willow. You touch a knot in the tree that causes it to freeze.

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Dumbledor was looking for horcroxes (and if you have read the last book the horcroxe harry was wearing around his neck when he dived in the lake to get the sword out tried to strangle him) so the ring tried to hurtdumbledor to stop him killing the piece of sole that is inside it and dumbledor would of died altogether if snape hadn't slowed down the process that is how his hand became black he was wearing it on that hand that was burned

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A cursed fire that was responsible for the death of Vincent Crabbe. It is very hard to cast, and harder to stop.

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Incantatem doesn't have a definition, it's part of a spell "Finite Incantatem" which is a general counter-spell. It is a pseudo Latin style word. An "incantation" is the act of using words that have a magical effect when vocalised. The spell above could be pseudo translated as "Stop Incantation" "Fin" meaning stop/end from the Latin "Finem".

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