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Buck, which is also his real name

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Q: The name of Al and Peg Bundy's dog is?
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What is al bundys real name?

Edward Phillip "Ed" O'Neill, Jr. Often credited as Ed O'Neill.

On Married with Children what is the name of Al and Peg Bundy's neighbor?

Marcy D'Arcy

Boy dog names from lady and the tramp?

Here are some:TrampJockTrustyBorisToughyNustyPedro

What episode of married with children had bobbie jean brown in it?

There are three. She plays a supermarket shopper in the 2-part episode where the Bundys move into a supermarket for the A/C (s5e21 and 22), and as a girl in one of Al's dream in the episode where the Bundys and D'Arcys mine all the (fake) gold in the desert (s5e24). Of all the hot chicks featured on MWC Bobbie Brown was my favourite.

On married with children what is peggy bundy's maiden name?

Margaret "Peggy" Bundy (née Wanker) (Katey Sagal) is Al's lazy, self-indulgent floozy wife. Her maiden name is Wanker, and her family hails from the fictitious rural Wanker County, Wisconsin, where "As Einstein put it, everyone's relative." At Peg and Al's high school reunion, her rival muttered, "Peg... Peggy Wanker... don't bother to thank her."

What is Al Dog?

Al Dog is a supernatural being, he was born when the heavens collided with the earth, because of this Al Dog has gained mystical powers. Al Dog has been seen in many forms consisting of a Hydra, Minator and many other mythological forms. His current form is unknown, but he is out there. Al Dogs powers, as mentioned before, make him a dangerous force to be around. He has been known to be able to control gravity, bend metals and also has been known to eat immense amounts of foods at times. Al Dogs powers peaked when he retrieved the infinity sword and gauntlet. Once he did this, he wielded the power to change the universe to what ever form he chose, fortunately he has not done wrong to this world. Al Dog lives by 4 special rules: 1. Once Al Dog, Always Al Dog 2. You Don't Mess With Al Dog 3. Al Dog For The Win 4. Al Dog Conquers All

Does weird al have a dog?

Weird Al used to have a Dog named Bela. Bo died a couple years back. Bo is the dog on Weird Al's head on his album titled "Poodle Hat"

What nicknames did Al Dobalo go by?

Al Dobalo went by Blade, The Dog, and Al Green.

Which episode title of married with children did Al Peg Marcy and Jefferson sit on the couch singing memories in their head?

season5 episode12

Did Al Pacino star in Dog Day Afternoon?

Yes. Al Pacino played the character of 'Sonny Wortzik' in the film 'Dog Day Afternoon'.

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Al Jaffe's birth name is Al Jaffe.

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