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2009-02-23 02:21:58
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Q: The Jonas brothers music sounds like what?
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Does Emily osment like the Jonas Brothers?

She is friends with the Jonas Brothers, but is not a fan of their music.

What does Joe Jonas sound like?

listen to the Jonas brothers music and you will hear?

Does Nick Jonas write the Jonas Brothers music?

Nick Jonas writes some of the music for the Jonas Brothers but he doesn't write all the music either. He wrote some of them like A Little Bit Longer.

Does the Jonas brothers like beyonce's music?

Yea, Kevin loves her music.

Why do you like the Jonas Brothers music?

because they are so hot

How do you get a band like the Jonas brothers?

have good music skills

What is the Jonas brothers favorite song by Justin Bieber?

Why would the Jonas Brothers even listen to Justin Bieber's music? He sounds like Nick when he was prepubescent! Plus, his music sucks anyway. He steals lyrics off other peoples songs and he is a wanna be gangsta, and i doubt he is even a boy.

When are the Jonas brothers performing in lubbock?

in where? god, its sounds like a disease, if i were them i wouldn't perform there.

Who here loves the Jonas Brothers?

Many users like the Jonas Brothers, but some don't. I like the Jonas Brothers, I like their music especially. Here are what other users have said:Everyone. Who has a brain at leastThat's so true. Cause everyone that doesn't love the Jonas Brothers are either mental or messed in the head.3. I like, no scratch that, I LOVE the Jonas Brothers. Nick is such a hottie.

Do the Jonas Brothers like Christian music?

ye sthay do theyre christians!!

What do the Jonas Brothers like?

the Jonas brothers are all really different. if you want to learn more about them, i recomend I can tell you one thing, they love music!

What do the Jonas Brothers call their music?

they call it like a pop-rock kinda vibe

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