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Yes Taylor launtner is in twilight new moon

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:46:15
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Q: Thank you so much for putting Taylor lautner in cheaper by the dozen 3 will Taylor lautner like that he is going to be in that movie what about twilight new moon coming out will he still do twilight?
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What movies have Taylor Lautner in?

Taylor Lautner has been in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and the whole entire Twilight Saga

Was Taylor Lautner in cheaper by the dozen?

Taylor Lautner was not in cheaper by the dozen but he was in cheaper by the dozen 2.

Does Taylor Lautner like twilight?

Taylor Lautner likes twilight but he LOVES Eclipse.

What movies does Taylor Lautner play in?

Taylor is in Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Twilight, and New Moon

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in the 3 movie of cheaper by the dozen?

i really hope they put Taylor lautner in the movie cheaper by the dozen 3! i hope they make cheaper by the dozen 3, i think there supposed to make a movie cheaper by the dozen 3. just hope they make 3 more movies of that! but at the same time! Taylor lautner has other stuff to do because of the movies in twilight! right? hopefully twilight & cheaper by the dozen 3 will all work!

Is Taylor Swift in a twilight series?

No but Taylor Lautner is. Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift.

Who is the costar in twilight name Lautner?

Taylor Lautner.

Does Taylor Lautner recycle?

yes Taylor Lautner off of twilight recycles

Who does Taylor Lautner play in Twilight?

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black.

What other movies Taylor lautner has worked in?

the movies Taylor has played in are the cheaper by the dozen movies sharkboy and lava girl twilight saga

What did Taylor Lautner play in?

The Twilight Series, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Valentine's Day, Cheaper by the Dozen 2..

What movies did Taylor Lautner star in?

He's been in Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Twilight and soon New Moon :)

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