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Q: Who is Jake in twilight in real life?
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How old is Jasper in twilight in real life?

how old is jasper in twilight in real life

Are miley and Jake going out in real life?


Does Jake wood smoke in real life?


How old is Jake off of twilight?

He's seventeen, soon to be eighteen. In real life his name is Taylor Lautner.

Is Jake t A ustin Maria canals barra 's son?

Jake T. Austin is not her son in real life, but he is on the show. only on the show, not in real life! she has two daughters in real life and she is married to David Barrera!

Is Emmett from twilight gay in real life?


Did Edward Collins from Twilight die in real life?


Is Jacub from Twilight a real wolf?

In the movie Jacob is a werewolf but in real life he's a regular human in real life.

How old is Jake goodman in real life?

i think 45

Who do Jake go out with an real life?

No one he is perfectly single :)

What is rosales real name on twilight?

Rosalie's real name is Nikki Reed. She's soooooooooo pretty. In Twilight she plays a blonde, but in real life, she is a brunette. :)

What is Alice's name from Twilight in real life?

Ashley Greene