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Q: Stephanie Courtney still alive
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Is is true that Stephanie Mills is dead?

NO! She is still very much alive, extremely beautiful and can still sing and perform wonderfully!

In Pretty Little Liars who killed Alison?

The alison that died wasnt the real one she was the crazy twin sister "courtney", and the real alison killed her. The real Alison is still alive!Ali killed AliThat's what a medium told Aria, this is actually true.Ali had a twin sister, Courtney. She pretended to be Alison, so Ali had to go to a mental hospital. After she could visit home, she killed Courtney, who was still pretending to be Alison.

Who is A in pritty little liars?

The first A was Mona The second A was Ali. Ali had a twin sister named Courtney. Courtney took over her life and Ali took hers. Courtney was mentaly ill so Ali ended up going to a mental hospital. Ali wanted revenge on the PLL and Courtney so she murdered Courtney and became A as payback for becoming friends with Courtney. Ali and Courtney were both insane. Ali tries to kill the four PLL but almost dies trying to. But Sarah Shepard is making it sound like Ali is still alive and wants revenge.

Who killed Alison from Pretty Little Liars?

Nobody kills Alison she is still alive she is just in a mental hospital, it was her twin sister who died they switched places so that everyone thought Courtney was Alison when Courtney died.

Did Hanna really see Ali in the hospital in Pretty Little Liars or was she dreaming?

It hasn't really been revealed yet. She could have been dreaming, but *SPOILER* i think it really was Ali, because we know that Ali is still alive: she killed her twin sister, Courtney, when she just came back from the mental hospital, and went to her parents saying it was Ali, but they thought it was Courtney so sent Ali to the mental hospital, thinking she was her twin Courtney. Knowing that Ali was currently in a hospital, I think that she left the mental ward and went to talk to Hanna to make let her know that she was still alive, but that mysteriously dissapeared.

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Who is still alive in Rosewood Courtney or Allison?

Allison is still alive because she killed Courtney when she traded spots with Ali

Is Stephanie Kwolek still alive?

yes she is still alive and living in Kingston,Pennsylvania

Is Stephanie S Tolan still alive?

yes i am Stephanie S Tolan

What drug did Courtney Love die from?

Courtney Love is still alive, she may have lived in the land of the dead for a long time with her drug habits and her music that died. Courtney is still alive. If anything, she could die from her extreme use of cocaine.

Is Stephanie Kwolek still alive in 2013?

yes she livs somewere in Gorgoia

Did Orton killed Triple H wife?

No. Stephanie McMahon- Levesque is still alive.

Did Mona kill -A on Pretty Little Liars?

a is Mona and Allison has a twin sister Courtney that gets killed and Allison is still alive Courtney was the one that got killed xoxoxo -A

What really happened to Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison killed her twin sister Courtney(Courtney was pretending to be her while Ali took her spot in the mental institution). So Courtney's dead, not Ali. She's still alive.

Is is true that Stephanie Mills is dead?

NO! She is still very much alive, extremely beautiful and can still sing and perform wonderfully!

Is Alison off Pretty Little Liars still alive?

Yes she is, Ali killed her twin sister Courtney so instead of Ali being with Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna it was Courtney that was with them.

Are Stephanie Meyers parents still alive?

I would say so because she's only 38 :S

Is alie still alive in pretty little liars?

She is still alive, her twin sister was killed but in the Wanted she was in the burning barn but i think she is still alive. Apparently Jenna killed Alison for the stink bomb that made her blind but she could of killed Courtney who was pretending to be alison. I'm not sure but I think she is still alive. alison is alive but she just has a twin finish watching the one in april