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I think is dave

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Q: Short forms of the name david?
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What is Another name for short forms?


What is switzerlands long and short name forms?

Switzerland's long name is the Swiss Confederation, while its short name is Switzerland.

What is David Archuleta's father's name?

His name is Jeff Archuleta, short for James Jeffry Archuleta

When was David Short born?

David Short was born in 1934.

Why is Hank a short name for Henry?

Both Hal and Hank are nicknames for Henry, and Hank is one of the Germanic forms of the name.

How do you say Dave in spanish?

"Dave" is a diminutive form of the personal name "David." In Spanish, it is customary to form the diminutive by either shortening the name in some fashion (Example: Roberto -> Beto), or, simply suffixing 'ito' to the name (Example: Pablo -> Pablito). As 'David' is already a short, two-syllable name, it is customary to choose the later alternative, 'Davidito.' 'Davidito' is equally serviceable as a translation for the two most common diminutive forms of 'David': Dave and Davie/Davy.

What is the real name of Bohemia Punjabi rapper?

His real name is Roger David but he also goes by Ra (short for Raja ).

Is the name Dave a short vowel word?

No. Both David and Dave have a long A (ay) vowel sound.

When was The Short Films of David Lynch created?

The Short Films of David Lynch was created in 2002.

Is Jim a common name for william?

No, Jim is a short form for James. Usually Bill or Will are common forms of William.

Name some short forms for chatting?

talking, side conversations, chit chat, annoying talk, talkative,

What is Roseannes sons name in the TV sitcom roseanne?

DJ (short for David Jacob)