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ok Robert Pattinson favorite color is.....................................................gray

if you say so i heard it was GOLD
robert's fav colour is grey and it's mine too

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I read in a book about the Twilight Saga stars favorite colors.... Robert Pattinson's favorite color is gray

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Blue and grey

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Q: Robert Pattinsons favorite color
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What are Robert Pattinsons favorite things like favorite color and food?

Brown/Grey and Hot Pockets

Robert Pattinsons eye color'?

greenish blue

What is rob pattinsons favorite color?

He loves all the colours of the rainbow.

Robert Pattinsons favourite color?

He says "I don't know, gray maybe."

What is Robert Pattinson favortie color?

Robert Pattinsons Favee Colour Is Lime Green And He Is In Love With Amber !!!!!!!!

What color is Rober Pattinsons eyes?

Robert has blue eyes but they use contacts for twilight

What are the color of Robert Pattinsons contacts?

the answer is yellow for the twilight saga as he needed his eyes too change colour i hope ive helped xx

What is Robert Pattisons favorite color?

Robert Pattison's favorite color is gray/black.

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